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The best bath and sauna in Kiev

Culture and history of baths and saunas in the world has more than one hundred years. The different people and civilizations had their own specific bath procedures. National traditions and customs, as well as the climate of the region or country had a serious impact on the bath development. Let’s see which types of bathhouses you can find in Kiev.

Classical Roman baths (thermae) – is one of the oldest varieties of baths. Saunas in Kiev successfully combine ancient traditions of Roman baths with modern technology. The steam is injected by electric motor, floor is equipped with heating, ventilation is designed to detail- all these things create a unique atmosphere for visitors of the Roman luxury.

Traditional Turkish bath (hammam) – in many ways, this bath continues the tradition of the Roman baths. However, it features special oriental details of construction. It should be noted that the temperature of the steam in the Turkish bath is significantly lower than in the Roman one and ranges from 30 to 40 degrees at humidity of 100%.

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Finnish folk sauna – a special feature of this bath is the high temperature (up to 120 degrees) at very low humidity (less than 20%). In the Finnish sauna it is not accepted to give away water on the rocks, which are the main source of heat.

Russian steam bath (banya) – is the optimum correlation of temperature and humidity. The air is heated to an average of 75-80 degrees; the humidity is maintained at about 30%. The territory of the bath has two main areas: the soap and the steam rooms. And, of course, Russian bath in Kiev is impossible without such essential attributes as besoms. The material for besoms can be oak, linden, birch, and even eucalyptus.
Quite remarkable are infrared saunas! The temperature rise and heating are provided by the infrared ray influence on human body. The correlation of air temperature and humidity create an incredibly comfortable environment for the visitors. In addition, heat saunas in Kiev have very affordable prices!
Our bath house, one of the few in Kiev, adheres to an individual approach to the client. You have noticed that all the baths mainly are distinguished by air temperature and humidity. We can pick up their correlation individually for each guest.

Our bath house in Kiev is one of the best lists of facilities. We are glad to provide you with the following treatments:

  • Visiting the steam room. If necessary, you will be accompanied by a trained attendant.
  • Rest and relaxation between visiting the steam room.
  • Shower treatments.
  • There is a comfortable pool.
  • Beauty and massage treatments.

Посещение бани – это удовольствие для гурманов. Оно не терпит халатности и непрофессионализма. Мы учли все мелочи, чтобы вы получили удовольствие от посещения нашего комплекса. Регулярное посещение качественной бани – залог здоровья и отличного настроения.

We took into account all the little things for you to enjoy visiting our complex. Regular visits of high-quality baths guarantee health and good mood.


Ongoing ACTION!!!!!!

Monthly tickets are in sale.

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